“Di created a half day engagement event for my company which involved developing the vocal skills of the team and us learning a song together as a four-part harmony. As a medical business the apt song Di chose was ‘Bad Case of Loving You.’

Di is not only a great teacher of music with a great sense of fun but is also very patient and has a lovely way of bringing people along who have different abilities to achieve a great final result. Singing develops interpersonal skills, confidence and team engagement and it was truly a day of musical magic! The team so enjoyed Di’s event that we developed our own company choir, the ‘HC21 Beats’, led by Di who performed at charity events, music festivals and even auditioned for one of Gareth Malone’s BBC programmes.”

Cliff Wyatt – HealthCare21


“Di worked with us in 2021 as part of our culture programme. Over three 45 mins sessions she helped the team to learn three songs with harmonies and perform them.

Not only was it great fun, the team enjoyed doing a task when we all approached it from the same starting point. It was energising, engaging and memorable and the team still cite it as a great event. Thanks Di.”

Pam Bateson – Founder & CEO Thrive